We will try and answer all your questions on this page, if you feel we've missed something then please get in contact with us here.


We have beautifully designed dog leashes and leather collars for the little ones with big hearts right through to the giant ones with gentle natures. Check our sizing page here.

Rope dog leashes

Our skipper rope dog leashes are made from a variety of engineered synthetic materials primarily used in the yachting industry, all are made to withstand ocean forces.
Our leashes come in a standard 1.3m and we recommend the 10mm (rope thickness) for S-M breeds and the 12mm for L-XL Breeds, however it is a personal preference as both rope sizes are able to withstand over 1 tonne of force before snapping.

Leather dog collars

The MH range of dog collars takes super supple garment leather and add a little twist with addition of an outer layer of luxurious wool felt. We choose to add the layer of felt because we feel it is hard wearing, unique, simple and timelessly stylish.
Watch this space as we expand the range with new and exciting colours to suit the many amazing breeds of your four legged friends out there.

Caring for your new Mister Hound product

Rope leashes - as this rope was made to live in the sea water is not a problem, however we would suggest not putting it in the washing machine as the solid brass hardware may damage you washing machine. A hand-wash and a line dry will suffice to keep your mister hound rope leash looking beautiful for years to come.
MH Leather/Felt collars - As we use soft garment leather for these collars they are a little sensitive to harsh weather conditions, however if get's wet please allow it to dry on a flat surface and If you need to clean a mark off of your collar, mix 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar and spot wash with a damp cloth. Again, lay flat to dry. 
Hardware - Mister Hound hardware includes solid brass snap hooks, D rings and buckles. These components can all be cleaned with a brass cleaner found at your local hardware or grocery store. Simply polish these components as per the instructions on the bottle and watch your hardware come back to life.


You should be able to shop our website in your own currency. All prices will convert to AUD (Australian Dollars) at checkout. You will still be charged in your own currency and your credit card bill will reflect this. This is great news for US and International customers as the Australian Dollar is incredibly low right now (making our price look high - and your final cost quite low!) 

Handmade items purchased will be mailed within 1 weeks of purchase. Please remember we are growing and excited to deliver a perfect item for you to love, so please be patient.

Shipping cost is dependant on your location and will be calculated during checkout. Our current shipper Australia post quotes 5-10 days for US deliver, however this can vary dependent on area of US. No guarantee can be made in regards to arrival date. Mister Hound is not responsible for any customs, duties, taxes or fees you may incur during delivery. 

Tracking is included on all orders being shipped within Australia at no additional charge. Items that are eligible for Free Shipping within Australia also include a tracking number. 

All orders being shipped outside of Australia will be charged an additional fee if you require a tracking number. Tracking fees are calculated at checkout and will vary depending on your location. International orders that are eligible for Free Shipping do not include tracking numbers. Mister Hound is not responsible for replacing any undelivered or missing parcels that tracking numbers were not purchased for. 

Returns and Exchanges.

If our products don't live up to your expectations we will happily accept an exchange or refund on all our pieces within 30 days of purchase!

We only ask that the following requirements are met:

  • The item/s must be in original condition, not worn or altered in any way
  • Item/s must be shipped back in the original Mister Hound canvas bag to ensure the safety of the item on its way back to us.

For change of mind the shipping cost incurred for mailing item/s to Mister Hound are not covered or reimbursed by us, however if there is a defect we will happily pay to have it shipped back to us and have a replacement on its way back to you asap.

For any of the above situations please don't hesitate to get in contact with us and we will do our best to get you and your four legged friend out adventuring in style asap.

Product Warranty

Mister Hound items are made with quality workmanship and care. Each piece is made specifically out of natural materials and variances should be expected in all aspects of the product. 

The lifetime of a Mister Hound piece is determined by the care, wear and elements each item is subjected to. Product breakage due to chewing, water exposure or anything else that compromises the integrity of the material beyond normal wear is not a manufacturer's defect. 

Tarnishing, fading and fraying are all parts of normal wear and tear and Mister Hound will not replace items due to these factors. 


All Mister Hound items are accessory items only, the makers of Mister Hound assume no liability. The use of the product and safety of the pet and handler is completely at the purchaser and/or user's discretion and responsibility.