Skipper dog leash - White - MisterHound

'Skipper' leash in White - Our traditional 3 strand rope dog leash approx 1.3m in length.

A little more info:

Every skipper dog leash is hand-spliced to withstand hundreds of kilograms of pull with the ends then "whipped" (a nautical term) for a clean finish and additional durability. Fixed on the ends are our super strong solid brass clips that will evade corrosion and age beautifully.

After struggling one cold winter morning trying to tie up two playful puppies with a coffee in one hand, we knew there had to be an easier way to quickly attach your dog leash securely to available street furniture without having to unclip your pup, and so the additional brass loop and clip was born. An easy and effortless system to effectively tie up your precious pup, knowing they be safe and secure when you return.

The rope we use for the white rope dog leash is a synthetic nylon rope used commonly in the yachting world to moor boats to wharfs, it is an amazing rope that is ridiculously strong whilst remaining very light, UV stabilised and resistant to rotting.

Size Guide:

an approximate guide to sizing

S - M

Chihuahua || Dachshund || Italian Greyhound || Jack Russell || Border Terrier || Yorkshire terrier || Pug || Border Terrier || Beagle || Bichon || Whippet

M - L

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Our leashes are handmade so please allow 5 days for production.


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